Towards a sustainable future through design


Designers and innovators have drawn attention to our collective capacity to disrupt and transform our economies, consumption and practices.


Our development approach leads to the conception of new scenarios, the ideation of new modes of consumption, and the establishment of new practices which are environmentally conscious and concerned for the well-being that our societies require.

It is now time to harmonize, encourage and share our sustainable design models.

Planned over a 12-year period, the affirmation, inclusive nature and refinement of a World Sustainable Design Framework (WSDF) will inspire generations of designers and our communities to engage in sustainable development.


This future aspires to nurture our collective goals.

In line with the call to action from the 2017 Montreal Design Declaration and Cop 21, the World Sustainable Design Framework aims to facilitate the interaction of actors engaged in a sustainable development approach at different levels, whether local, national or international.